Spillproof Urine Bottle

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        Spillproof Urine Bottle: This urinal is designed to ensure no leakage. No matter what position it is placed in, the contents will not escape. The anti-reflux design means that no cover is required, ensuring the urinal is always ready to use. The Spillproof Urine Bottle can even be left in the bed, making it instantly available to the user. Emptied easily at the back using a choice of two caps supplied, standard twist cap, or a childproof cap preventing any unintended opening. The neck of the Spillproof Urine Bottle is angled, making it easy to use and the removable handle allows easy cleaning and emptying. Capacity 1 litre, which should not be exceeded. Graduated to allow easy measuring of contents. May be autoclaved up to 130 degrees. Available as a male urinal with an optional female attachment or as a female urinal. For further information please contact your local shop or call 01908 644133. We look forward to hearing from you.