We sell Adjustable Electric Beds to Bedfordshire

Adjustable electric profiling beds in Bedfordshire
Carver Care and Mobility is the leading retailer of adjustable electric profiling beds and hospital beds in a wide area around Milton Keynes and Luton, Bedfordshire.  Our Luton Mall shop (2G the Mall, Luton, Bedfordshire, LU1 2TW, tel 01582 487878) sells adjustable electric profiling beds at great value prices.  We also supply specialist mattresses for all beds and have access to a huge range of hospital and nursing beds, with cot sides and the capacity to be lifted up.  Our beds are excellent value and our adjustable electric profiling beds start from £675.  
The adjustable electric profiing beds will be installed by our own team of local engineers based in Luton Bedfordshire. For details please see the attached link: White-glove-service
Please press this link to be taken to the 'bed' section of our website: Beds
Please contact us for details and for any advice you may need at our Luton Bedfordshire shop.  

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