Value Riser Recliner Chairs and Fireside Chairs / High Back Chairs in Aspley Guise

Carver Care shops are major retailers of Riser Recliner and Fireside/High Back Chairs in Aspley Guise and surrounding areas.  We supply Riser Recliner Chairs from £469, and we will assess your needs before recommending the best Riser Recliner Chair for your requirements.  It is important to have the correct size because otherwise the user can develop posture and pressure problems, particularly if using the Riser Recliner Chair for extended periods of time.  If we cannot find a Riser Recliner Chair out of our standard ranges to fit, or you have particular pressure issues, we can supply bespoke Rise Recline Chairs from AJ Way.   AJ Way also make our High Back or Fireside Chairs, which can also be adapted to fit particular needs.

Rise Recline Chairs come in both single and dual motor versions.  The single motor moves the back and the footrest together whereas the dual motor moves them independently.  Particularly comfortable are tilt-in-space Riser Recliner Chairs which we can demonstrate to you, and heat and massage versions.  

Riser Recliner Chairs generally come in a range of materials to match your decor.

As part of our complementary ‘White Glove Service we will assess, demonstrate, assemble, check and deliver your Chair, free of charge in and around Aspley Guise. The Carver Care team also provides repairs to selected Riser Chairs. We have also been awarded 'Buy With Confidence' by both Milton Keynes and Luton Trading Standards.


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