Invacare Azalea Assist Wheelchair

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        We sell all Invacare Products. Enhanced adjustable comfort seating: The Invacare Rea Azalea Assist Wheelchair is a tilt in space Wheelchair that provides comfortable seating and enhanced postural support. The Wheelchair is based on a single frame that can accommodate the three rear wheel sizes in different settings making it suitable for passive or moderately active users. The weight shifting function Centre of gravity offers excellent stability during use and the specially designed Invacare Flex 2 Wheelchair system provides adaptable seating adjustable both in Wheelchair seat width and depth. Wheelchair Features: Maximum comfort and adjustability. Available in either self propel and transit version with a combination of seating options, simple seat angle adjustment, and backrest recline. The Rea Azalea Assist Wheelchair is an excellent choice when selecting a passive Wheelchair. Innumerable possibilities: with three different frame sizes a range of seat widths from 39 to 55 cm in the self propelling version and 39 to 49 cm on the transit versions can be achieved. The wheelchair has individual width adjustments in the armrests and leg rests as standard. Tilt and recline improves comfort and support. The Rea Azalea SP Wheelchair and Rea Azalea Assist T Wheelchair have a 20 degrees or 25 degrees seat tilt respectively and a 30 degrees backrest recline. Both tilt and recline can be easy adjusted manually or electrically. The improved seat tilt positioning can enhance the management of pressure relief for the user. The backrest has a bio mechanical positioning hinge which follows the user‘s natural back movement when adjusting the backrest angle. Wheelchair Prices vary depending upon specification. This is a specialist wheelchair that will need an assessment of the users needs. For further information please contact your local shop or call 01908 644133 (Luton 01582 487878). We look forward to hearing from you.