Casa Comfort Adjustable Bed

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        We supply a wide range of beds and mattresses - please ask. Casa Comfort Adjustable Bed : The attractively styled Casa Comfort in natural beech, with a unique wood frame surround offers outstanding functionality. The Casa Comfort Adjustable Bed meets all requirements for the homecare and nursing home sectors of the market. Individual needs may be met through the different bed sizes that are available and flexibility in the adjustment of the mattress support. The built in safety rails provide added protection for the user if required. As an additional safety feature, side rail end caps will be fitted as standard on the wooden side rails of the Casa Comfort Adjustable Bed. 4-section mattress support, 2-motor adjustment, separable for transport. Bed lift with one motor for height adjustment including castors. Wood bed ends side rails and side panels in natural beech. Splash-protected hand switch including locking functions. Mattress retainers at head and foot sections. Ergonomic adjustment of head and foot sections. Raising of foot section by Rastomat telescopic fittings. Emergency lowering by quick-action bolt mechanism. Transport lock. Please contact your local shop or call us on 01908 644133 for a quotation for this product.