Casa Med Classic Low Adjustable Bed

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        We supply a wide range of beds and mattresses - please ask. Casa Med Classic Low Adjustable Bed : The Casa Med Classic Low brightens up any room with its classic design and attractive wood finish. This Low version of our Casa Med Classic 4 bed also has natural beech finish. The Casa Med Classic Low Adjustable Bed combines the highest level of functionality, safety and comfort.The sturdy and stable Casa Med Classic Low meets all the requirements for providing comfort. The 4-section mattress support and the bed ends of this bed are equipped with individual motor systems. The drive system complies with the relevant standards and offers top-class safety. This system allows adjustment of the head and foot sections as well as height adjustment of the bed ends. Emergency lowering of the head section is facilitated by a quick-action bolt mechanism.The Casa Med Classic Low Adjustable Bed can be transported and quickly assembled by one person. The environment-friendly transport and storage system TLSU is optionally available. This allows packaging to be reduced to a minimum, and the drive system can remain installed on the mattress support. Casa Med Classic Low Adjustable Bed: Total weight 3-piece.....97.8kg. Total weight Heaviest part....25.4kg. Outer dimensions W/L 102.3 x 213.5cm. Max. Working load....175kg. Max. Patient weight....140kg. Height adjustment....23cm to 63cm Please contact your local shop or call us on 01908 644133 for a quotation for this product. We look forward to hearing from you.