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        We sell all Drive Medical products. There are now two new Powerstroll Wheelchair models available in the range and both will turn most manual wheelchairs into a carer controlled powered Wheelchair .It takes the strain out of pushing a heavy Wheelchair and makes easy work of hills, ramps and uneven surfaces. It’s unique one click docking station patent pending means that it can be fitted or removed easily in seconds. The Single wheel is ideal for Wheelchair users who want optimum manoeuvrability, whilst the Dual wheel is ideal for applications where traction and stability are paramount. Wheelchair features: The Powerstroll Wheelchair can easily be fitted or removed within seconds It is very portable, making transportation simple Fits most standard wheelchairs up to 20inches seat width. Additional parts are available for wider wheelchairs. Hand control of the Wheelchair with variable speed dial, fingertip trigger control and key ignition. Allows speeds up to 4mph. Unique one click docking station for ease of assembly patent pending. The Wheelchair travels up to 10 miles on a full battery charge. Weight carrying capacity 135kg 21 Stone, this includes the wheelchair and the user combined. Maximum gradient: 16% 1:6. Comes complete with Carry Holdall with shoulder strap. The Wheelchair is simple to manoeuvre and reverse Stylish battery bag with ergonomic carry handle that is simple to remove. Powerful 150-watt 24V motor, capable of coping with most terrains. The Wheelchair comes with full 12 month warranty. Maintenance free airline friendly 12V 24ah valve regulated sealed lead acid batteries. 2A charger as standard for off-board charging. Single wheel version weighs 20kg 44lbs with battery and 10.8kg 24lbs without the battery. Dual wheel version weighs 21kg 46lbs with battery and 11.8kg 26lbs without the battery. For further information please contact your local shop or call 01908 644133 (Luton 01582 487878). We look forward to hearing from you.