Value Wheelchairs in and around Dunstable


Wheelchairs for Dunstable

Carver Care shops are major retailers of Powerchairs, Electric Wheelchairs and manual Wheelchairs (self-propel and transi)t in Dunstable and surrounding areas. Indoor, outdoor and indoor/outdoor Wheelchairs are tailored to your specific needs. We also supply accessories, spares, ramps and batteries and we also service and repair.

We have a good range of lightweight transportable Wheelchairs available to Dunstable.


As part of our complementary ‘White Glove Service we will assess, demonstrate, assemble, check and deliver Wheelchairs, free of charge in and around Dunstable. The Carver Care team also provides annual services and repairs to Power and Electric Wheelchairs. We have also been awarded 'Buy With Confidence' by both Milton Keynes and Luton Councils.

Our Power/Electric Wheelchairs and manual Wheelchairs are selected for reliability and value based on long experience and Carver Care are reputable Motability Scheme suppliers in the Dunstable and surrounding areas. 

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