HSL Milton Keynes


Carver Care sells Riser Recliner Chairs from the top manufacturers - AJ Way, Celebrity, Sherborne, Pride, Electric Mobility, Days - with prices starting from £469 ex VAT, and we believe that we are cheaper than HSL Milton Keynes.  We make sure that we provide the Riser Recliner Chair that you need for your needs:  our staff are trained in assessment.  If a standard model will not suit then we are able to order a bespoke model, either because the size needs to be modified, or there are pressure issues.  We can provide Intelligel seats and special supports to help those in need of a special Riser Recliner Chair.  We can also demonstrate Riser Recliner Chairs in your home if necessary.  Please contact us now for your Riser Recliner Chair.

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