Invacare Rea Assist Passive Wheelchair

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        We sell all Invacare products. To assist in maximising comfortThe Invacare Rea Assist Wheelchair is ideally suited for the passive Wheelchair user with its comfortable seating that provides postural support.The Assist Wheelchair has been developed to facilitate the assistance that the user requires.The improved Invacare Flex2 Wheelchair seat adds individual adaptability for stable and comfortable seat posture and user activity.Innumerable possibilities in only 2 framesThe Rea Assist Wheelchair provides the user with an adjustable seat to ensure postural support and comfort, suitable for users seated over a long period of time.The highly adjustable seating system adjusts both in width and seat depth, with a specially designed cushion and armrest pad to provide all-round Wheelchair support.Tilt-in-space for relaxation. To optimised seating needs, the Assist Wheelchair has a tilt and an independent 30 degrees.backrest recline. These features allow the user to be active, while at the same time offering the option of easily tilting the Wheelchair seat if the user wishes to rest or have a short nap .The Wheelchair tilt and recline mechanism is operated by a gas piston or battery powered pendant control. A biomechanical backrest hinge provides support and positioning when adjusting the backrest angle.Surrounding comfortExtra comfort is obtained by maximising contact with the Wheelchair’s cushion. The deeply contoured back cushion provides excellent support to the back and sides. This specially designed Lateral cover creates optimal comfort and positioning.Compatibility between product lines. The backrest attachment has been redesigned to enhance compatibility between the Rea Bellis, Rea Assist Wheelchair and Rea Comfort Wheelchair . The Invacare Flex2 Wheelchair range includes backrest types, cushions and other backrest options to make it easy to use the broad and numerous Invacare Wheelchair options for obtaining comfort.  Please contact your local shop or call us on 01908 644133 for a quotation for this product.  You can use the ‘request quote’ button to send an email.  We look forward to hearing from you.