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        Pride Apex Epic Mobility Scooter

        Brand new as of November 2014, The Apex Epic is the ultimate outdoor scooter, ideal for those intending to make extensive use of their mobility scooter. The flagship of Pride"s exclusive Apex range, the Epic is a powerful 8 mph scooter with advanced features such as a 36 volt battery system, wraparound steering wheel, and rugged suspension.

        Key features:

        ; Best outdoor performance
        ; 36 volt Battery System
        ; Rugged suspension
        ; Wraparound steering wheel

        The Apex Epic is designed to excel outside, and offers the best outdoor and off-road capabilities in our range. It comes with a number of advanced features to enhance your driving experience, the most impressive of which is the unique 36 volt battery system. This gives the Apex Epic powerful performance and improved torque, meaning it can handle hills, slopes and bumpy ground far better than other scooters, even with heavier users. An outstanding ground clearance of 5.25 inches further enhances the Apex Epic"s outdoor performance. Hydraulic sealed brakes help keep the scooter safe, while the full, rugged suspension gives a comfortable ride over rough terrain.

        However, it should be noted that to power the 36 volt system, a trio of smaller 55 Ah batteries are fitted to the Apex Epic, meaning it has a range of 22.5 miles - by no means poor, but not as long as most high-end road scooters can offer.

        Comfort is further assured by the deluxe 19 inches width seat that is amply padded for extended use. The back can be reclined if needed, while a slider allows it to be moved closer to or further away from the tiller. The tiller is also angle-adjustable, and comes with a unique ergonomic wraparound steering wheel similar to that found in cars. The on-board computer and LED console display all the information needed, and allow easy control of the scooter.

        Other luxury touches include dual rearview mirrors, and full LED lights to keep the scooter visible. One particular stand-out feature is the horn, which has a similar volume to that found on a car - certainly an improvement on the rather pathetic beeps that traditional scooters usually offer. On-board storage compartments allow small personal belongings such as phones, wallets and keys to be carried easily.

        With its chunky looks, the Apex Epic"s appearance matches its rugged outdoor performance, and it is available in both blue and white. The Apex Epic is available for purchase and long-term hire immediately, and is available on the Motability scheme.

        With the most powerful outdoor performance in our range, the Apex Epic is best for those that wish to make extensive use of their scooter outdoors, particularly if driving up hills or over uneven ground. If you don"t wish to compromise on performance, comfort, reliability or looks, then the Pride Apex Epic is the scooter to get. ;

        Apex Epic Specifications

        Weight Capacity: 28 Stone 8 lbs. (181 kg)
        Maximum Speed: Up to 8 mph (12.87 km/h)
        Ground Clearance: 13.3 cm (5.25";) at frame
        Overall Length: 142 cm (56";)
        Overall Width: 69.2 cm (27.25";)
        Turning Radius: 210.8 cm (83";)
        Tyres: Front castors: 10 cm x 33 cm (4"; x 13";) pneumatic
        Rear castors: 10 cm x 33 cm (4"; x 13";) pneumatic
        Standard Controls: LED Lighting Display
        Heaviest piece when disassembled: 98 kg (216 lbs.) Base
        Total weight without batteries: 123 kg (271 lbs.)
        Seating: Deluxe high-back seat with sliders
        Suspension: Front and Rear
        Battery Requirements: Three 12-volt, deep cycle
        Size: (3) 55AH
        Weight: 17.24 kg (38 lbs.) each