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        Smart solutions create unique possibilities. The Invacare Rea Comfort Wheelchair is the natural choice for the moderately active Wheelchair user. The comfortable seating system allows the Wheelchair user to alter the seat position, ensuring maximum comfort at all times combined with good driving characteristics makes the Comfort Wheelchair the ideal choice.The improved Invacare Flex2 Wheelchair seat adds individual adaptability for stable and comfortable seat posture and user activity. The combination of comfortable seating, with self-adjustable seat angle and backrest recline, plus the self-propel option has made the Rea Comfort Wheelchair a success. Tilt and recline makes life comfortable. The Comfort Wheelchair seating system consists of a 20 degreesseat tilt and a 30 degrees.backrest recline. Both tilt and recline can be easily adjusted manually or electrically by the user or carer. The Wheelchair backrest has a biomechanical positioning hinge, which follows the user's natural back movement when adjusting the backrest angle. User-operated tilt and recline allows the user to tilt the seat mechanically without the help of an assistant. By turning the hand wheel on the side of the chair, the whole seat unit tilts as you tilt backwards the seat slides forwards at the same time. The Wheelchair's balance is maintained when tilted backwards, making Comfort easy to propel whilst in an upright position Please contact your local shop or call us on 01908 644133 for a quotation for this product. We look forward to hearing from you.Please contact us for more information on 01908 644133 (or 01582 487878 in Luton). Click here to find out more about our free:‘White Glove Service ';The Carver Care team provide free home demonstration and product delivery in a wide area around our shops in Milton Keynes, and Luton.