Uniscan Glider Plus Adjustable

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        • Automatic folding backrest
        • Underseat shopping caddy
        • Ultra Lightweight
        • Adjustable handle height
        • Choice of frame width
        • Choice of seat height


        Weight of Frame 14 lbs (6.5 kg);; User Weight: Up to 20 Stones (127 kg)
        based on a 21";(533mm) seat height standard width walker
        Seat Heights Available

        Seat height should match a chair you can comfortably sit and rise from.

        13";(330mm) (+£20.00 surcharge), 15";(381mm), 17";(432mm), 19";(483mm), 21";(533mm), 23";(584mm), 25";(635mm), 27";(686mm) (+£20.00 surcharge)
        Handle Heights
        (adjustable by owner)

        Handle height should be level with your wrist when standing to walk.

        There are 3 settings on all models that adjust in 2";(51mm) increments. The first setting is always 10.5";(267mm) above the seat height. For example, a 19";(483mm) seat height will have handle heights of 29.5";(749mm), 31.5";(800mm) and 33.5";(851mm).
        Width of Frame (open)

        If you plan to use the walker indoors, check the width of your doorways to make sure it will fit through.

        The standard frame width is 25";(635mm). This is designed to easily go through a standard doorway of 27";(686mm).

        It can also be made 2";(51mm) narrower at 23";(584mm) with no surcharge. Or made 2";(51mm) wider at 27";(686mm) at a £60.00 surcharge.

        Depth of Frame (open) Ranging from 18" (455mm) for the 13" model up to 28" (705mm) for the 27" model
        Depth of Frame (folded) 11";(279mm)
        Braking System A choice of braking systems is available.

        Locking Lever Cable - these operate like those on a bicycle to "slow" the walker but also feature a "parking brake" for when you want to rest.

        Safety Pressure Brakes - apply weight down onto the frame to activate the brakes. This system is ideal if you have limited strength in your hands. We can make this braking system with either heavy or light springs to suit your requirements. This brake only engages whilst weight or pressure is being applied down on the frame.

        Accessories Available Shopping Bag £22.00
        Non-Slip Tray £22.00
        Walking Stick Holder (1 fitted as standard) - £4.99 for additional holder
        Colour Options Standard: Black, Blue, Burgundy, Green, Grey
        Premium: (+£10.00 surcharge) Blackberry, Copper Bronze